All of the features of a corporate switchboard are included as standard with our VoIP packages for every company, large or small. We don’t think you should have to pay extra for what we consider to be essential features, so our standard subscription includes all of the below and much more; if you think “Can I…?” the chances are with our VoIP systems, you probably can.

Our Features: Included With All Plans

Virtual Receptionist

For example, Dial 1 for Sales, 2 for technical support or 3 to leave a voicemail.

Call groups

Including “follow me” hunt groups – make sure the right person answers the call.

Call transfers

Easily transfer calls to others in the office or to mobile phones with your system.

Music on hold

We can’t choose a great soundtrack for you but can give you hold music.

Call queuing

Ideal if your business handles plenty of calls; make sure you never lose one again.

Time based routing

Control how your phones behave depending on time of day, year or demand.

Caller ID

Always know who’s calling and automatically block anonymous callers.

Voicemail and DDI

Each telephone can have their own voicemail and their own phone number.

Call features

Call park, call pick-up and three-way calls; ensure the phone is always answered.

Soft Clients

Use your PC, mobile or other devices as an extension to your main handset.

Automatic call back

Including “Do Not Disturb”; ideal for handling calls when in meetings or unavailable.


You can get an email each time you’ve missed a call or received a voicemail.

New features included: as standard


Understand your performance with automated reports and statistics.

Shared Voicemail

Share voicemail inboxes with other team members to increase response times.

Event Calendar

Ideal for scheduling calls for teams and sharing workloads between callers.

Additional functionality: optional extras

Call recording

We can offer call recording and storage if your industry requires this.


Ideal for seeing how your team is performing in realtime against KPIs.

Conference calling

If you need conference calls with more than three people we can help.